Thomas Wayne Custom Cues

"The Tuxedo" valued at $4,500. A wrapless cue featuring a breathtaking birdseye maple body with inlays of African Blackwood and interlaced ivory in a patented 4-D inlay design. 19.9oz

"The Peacock" valued at $6,200. Featured in "The Hand of the Masters" calendar. Beautiful use of maple, cocobolo, dyed holly, purple heart and ivory.

"The Puzzle" valued at $23,500. This may well be the most difficult cue ever conceived and built. Inspired by the work of M. C. Escher, this masterpiece contains nearly 300 separate inlays and took over 400 hours to build.

"Serpentes" valued at $14,500. A show-stopper at the Showcase in LA. rattlesnake skeleton is ivory inlaid in ebony accent with sterling silver, abalone and diamonds. The tail is a red-tailed boa constrictor.

Thomas Wayne Custom Cues

Newspaper article: The Anchorage Times, Thursday, March 29, 1990.

John Foley, Times Columnist


"...a mild-tempered artist and son of a Presbyterian minister..."

"...Thomas world-famous in his field. Many pool enthusiasts know and admire his hand-crafted cues."

"Usually he produces about four cues a month, with a price range of $300 to $5,000. Recently, however, he got an order from a Los Angeles client for a customized $60,000 pool cue with lots of ivory, gold and Alaska jade."

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